Ukmergė district can offer a variety of tourist routes: water, on foot, auto, bicycle. You will not be indifferent to the beauty of the town and district of Ukmergė

Bicycle route through Ukmergė, Širvintos, Molėtai, Švenčionys districts


Sightseeing route on foot ,,Welcome! I am the old town in Ukmerge”

The route around the old town of Ukmerge is a perfect opportunity to visit Ukmergė and see 14 places of interest.


Sightseeing cycling route “The Bow of the river Šventoji”

By car or by bike – 1 day.
The length of the route – 75 km.
The route “The Bow of the river Šventoji” is suitable for bike and car fans.
This route presents 20 places of interest in Ukmergė district.



Sightseeing route by car “The Ring of Manors”

We offer the route “The Ring of Manors” for those, who are interested in manors and their heritage.
The length of the route – 120 km. You can travel by car, you can travel by car, bicycle or even air balloon!

Sightseeing route by bike around the premises of Vepriai crater
Vidus2vepriai Išore2vepriai VepriuKrateris

You can explore the premises of Vepriai meteor crater while choosing one of four cycling routes of different gravity.The total length of the route is 83 km. you can see these nature and cultural object while traveling via these routes:

– 4 mounds (Vepriai, Sukiniai, Sližiai and Dubiai)
– 5 stones (Mokas, Šaltupis, Juozapava, Child’s foot and Bear foot);
– 2 springs (Bečiai and Žuvintė);
– 3 lakes (Vepriai, Ilgajis and Gylis);
– 2 burial mounds (Bečiai andKazlaučizna);
– 3 ruins of water mills (Širvintos, Bečiai and Žirnaja);
– 6 architecture monuments (Vepriai manor, Bečiaimanor, Sližiaimanor, Vepriai church, a wayside shrine to commemorate the Bar confederationand Sližiai chapel);
– 2 pagan cult places (Kaukakalnis and Mokas stone);
– 8 rivers (Šventoji, Širvinta, Geležė, Žuvintė, Žirnaja, Skardupis, Malkupis and Sugeda);
– 4 sacred places (Vepriai kalvarijos (the path of cross), Vepriai church, Sližiai chapeland St. Mary’s provenance place);
– 10 sarcophagus of deep wells.

More information about cycling routes (maps, descriptions, photos) in website:

Here you will also find all known information about Vepriai meteor crater – the history of its appearance, scientific and amateur researches, ideas, and literature.

Contact information on the route around Vepriai crater:

Rent of bikes and other equipment, accommodation:
Vepriai Leisure Employment and Tourism Branch: +370-340-41050
Wellness route guide of Vepriai crater: Romas +370-686-79385
Food and art: Lukenskai house: +370-682-44627
Homemade dairy products: K. Verenius: +370-616-13602
Herbalist: R. Šimonienė: +370-675-41882
Beekeeper: E. Karieta: +370-654-41882
Accommodation and tea, kayaks: Homestead “Sidabrinė pieva”: +370-699-03304
Accommodation and scout activities: “Skautų slėnis”: +370-663-64451


Water routes

The rivers that most water tourists prefer areŠventoji and Siesartis.
Šventoji is one of the most scenic rivers in Lithuania. Kayaking is easy on this river. You can choose a week-long journey and visit Anykščiai, Ukmergė and Jonava district.We offer a river trip through Ukmergė district that lasts one day or just several hours.
Siesartis is the inflow into the river Šventoji. Kayaking in this river requires a lot of stamina and agility as there are a lot of obstacles in this river: remains of dams, shoals, stones, fallen trees. You can choose a several-day journey through Molėtai and Ukmergė districts orenjoy a day trip and admire the wonderful landscape of Ukmergėdistrict.A convenient complex of water tourism service is offered for water travellers:the rent of kayaks and canoes, campsites, experience hikes.