Ukmerge - Ukrainian TV Channel "5"

The Continent Broadcast TV Channel ,,5" in Ukraine has won numerous international awards, and its main purpose is to tell viewers about the most visited areas in the world. In Lithuania, four Lithuanian cities were visited: Molėtai, Birštonas, Kaunas and Ukmergė. First of all, the Ukrainians in the Ukmergė region wanted to visit the "Misko broliai": We have a strong brotherly relationship, when your partisans helped our partisans," 'said the guests. 

At President Smetona's manor has been most impressed by stories about the smithy Sofia. According to the Ukrainians, "guided Jurgita as an actress." Listening to her, it seemed that the President's wife was standing in front of her eyes. A little bit of surprise was caused by branching: "The process is long, so it would be possible to hear some lyrics and poems during the tasting" - representatives from Ukraine shared their thoughts and insights.

Visiting the city - listening to pigeon songs. The song “Zombies” performed by the group “Antis”, which mentions the phrase “pigeon a lot of in Ukmerge” was most fascinating. According to guests, not only Lithuania, but also Ukraine will know about pigeons in Ukmergė. The "City Speaks to You" route, which we are currently subtitling to English, was also presented to guests. After hearing the "woman in the window", Ukranians traveled to "look for John," met the history of the city, captured the most beautiful and memorable moments of Ukmergė.

The name of our city on the Ukrainian TV screens will sound already in April.


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