Krikštėnai Manor


The Krikštėnai manor has been mentioned since the 18th century as the property of Duke Ksaveras Bogušas. When he moved to Warsaw, the manor was managed by Bagnevskis, Vice-Governor of Vilnius, and later by Julijonas Pac Pamerneckis. This owner of the manor, built a late Baroque manor in the middle of Krikštėnai in the19th century. His son sold the mansion to Ignas de Bondi, the czaristRussia admiral of French origin, whose family kept the manor until 1940. After the war, the manor belonged to Krikštėnai soviet farm and was abandoned. In 1994 the manor was returned to de Bondi’s heirs. Today the Krikštėnaimanoris revived, its unique style restored. The manor is in a quiet and secluded area that combines an exceptional spaciousness and scenic landscape.


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