The mound of Pilioniai (Mateikiškiai)


You will find it on the northern margin of Pilionys village, on the north side of the road Šešuoliai-Želva. This mound, called Majokas by local people, and the former settlement on thewestern part of it, has an archaeological, historical and landscape value. The mound is located on a separate hill, the slopes are about 10 m high. At the top of the mound there is a court. In the 19th century it was severely damaged by makinga graveyard here. Now, the massive gravestone of Vitoldas Kviatkovskis remains there. The territory of the former settlement at the foot of the mound has been investigated more than once. The cultural layer of the village was about 70 cm. It is likely that this mound is from the first centuries AD.


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