Great Fighting County Partisan Park

Historical memory places

The Mūšia Forest Park (A. Svarinskas Park) was established as the memorial to the partisans of the Great Battle District. It is situated at the 6th kilometre of the road Ukmergė – Utena in the in the picturesque confluence of three rivers – Šventoji, Mūšia and Siesartis. The entire park covers an area of 70 hectares. It iscarved by river bights, several steep slopes, valleys of three rivers passing into pine forests.
The idea of a memorial park dedicated to honour partisans came from monsignor Alfonsas Svarinskas. Beautiful paths of the park lead to 14 crosses built to commemorate the dead partisans. Here stand separate crosses for each Battalion of the Great Battle District and district commanders. The cross to commemorate the decade from the visit of the Pope John Paul II to Lithuania and the cross of Resurrection were erected in the park. Another interesting fact is that this park has perhaps the only monument in Lithuania dedicated to US President Ronald Reagan, in honour to “the victorover the evil empire”.


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