Vaitkuškis Manor


The building of the manor was started in the 16th century. It had a lot of owners and in 1764 it went to the famous family of Count Kosakowski. In 1862 the manor was rebuilt in the neo-gothic style. There was a numerous amount of works by Italian, Polish artists as well as the works painted by the owner S. F. Kosakowski himself. The manor had an art gallery and a library of 12 thousand volumes of books.At the beginning of the First World War, the most valuable items were taken to Russia and disappeared there. During the years of the war the manor was robbed and destroyed. Later it was used for various purposes: it served as an orphanage and soldiers’ dwelling. In 1941 the Nazis founded the ghetto for the Jews here. After the war, the manor had no owners and was rapidly wracking thus to this day there is only a tower and fragments of stables.


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