Public institution "Skautų slėnis" campsite

Entertainment and leisure

“Skautų slėnis” campsite is still expanding its activities. Now we can offer a full range of scouting activities, both at the campsite and beyond.

“Skautų slėnis” campsite is an ideal place to have a day of practical experiences or a weekend in nature and to get out of the ordinary daily routine. For school children, youth, organizations, and groups of friends, we offer a variety of scout (and not only) activities in nature, where citizenship and scouting values are cultivated, and practical, life-like skills are acquired. 

We adapted practical scouting classesaccording to the age and experience of the participants, and we tailor the program individually to the needs of the group. We can organize some of our programs in the environment of your choice. We also have sea scout groups foryouth of 14-17 in Pabaiskas and Ukmergė. You are welcome to join.


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