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We are a family of artists. I'm a graphic artist, I am a teacher at Ukmerge Art School, Arūnas Kulikauskas is a photo artist, both graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts. We went to Ukmergė, or more precisely to the region of Sližiai from New York, where Arūnas lived for over twenty years, I was almost ten. We have managed our home in the countryside, and we have established a public body called "Three Villages" with our friends, knowing that we will be engaged in educational-cultural activities (although we have both sheep, and hens, and geese, and bees).

Once upon a time we went to the Ukmergė Tourism and Business Information Center (TVIC). In the very center of Ukmergė there is a neat, cozy, bright and agile TVIC full of action and energy: meetings, seminars, various presentations. It also houses the cultural and tourism section of Ukmergė Municipality with excellent and fun staff. At that time, a beautiful exhibition of monotypes of a local artist was hanging on the border of the center corridor. Just hung like anything. At foreign art colleges, students listen to the course on performance. Unfortunately, students in this field do not receive knowledge and practice in Lithuania. However, it is worth knowing that for a work of art, whether it is a professional job or a child's drawing, aesthetic, thoughtful presentation gives (or takes away) a great deal.

We have noted that in the information center, the corridor and conference room are perfect for exhibitions: there is a good flow of people here and there is a good natural light. That's how the idea and vision of creating a chamber art gallery here. Ukmergė has one (so far has!) professional exhibition space - Gallery of Culture Center. It is bright and large, featuring large-format paintings, sculptures, or retrospective exhibitions. The annual exhibition of artists of Ukmergė region is full of stroking, but the gallery is fully operational, and its schedule is one year ahead. However, it is not the creator of every art branch who can fill the large gallery spaces.

Thanks to the enthusiasm and willingness of the Center employees to cooperate, and thanks to the generous attitude of the leaders of Ukmergė Municipality, at the beginning of 2017 we created a gallery called "VILKAMIRGĖS GALERIJA" (Vilkamirgė - the name of Ukmergė according to the oldest surviving court records written in Lithuanian). will nicely complement the area of the city's exposition spaces, find its place and join the cultural life of Ukmergė.

Our goal is to produce professional art exhibitions; also to show the less well-known side of the creative work of well-known creators; to be a little known but author of attention, publicity and support. No doubt we will be subjective! We are interested not only in the representative side of the creative work, but also in what reveals the creative process, in which the creator's hand and fresh feelings are most noticeable: drawings, sketches, etudes, manuscripts, working photographs. Also, part of the gallery's exhibition schedule will be dedicated to the creation of young artists, new talents, children and youth, and the presentation of the art department of Ukmerge Art School. We want to encourage and encourage young creators to stay out of the creative field.

We started the gallery at the beginning of this year and have already organized several exhibitions: drawings of famous Lithuanian artist Petras Repšys, photographs of Kaunas artist Giedrius Petrauskas, photographs of international plein-air of artists “Vaitkuškis 2016”. In May, we were preparing for the city celebration, just like all the mummies. We have specially prepared an exhibition from the foundations of the Art Department of Ukmergė Art School. Recently, we learned that this year we will receive partial funding from the Culture Council for the gallery exhibitions!

The same joint activity agreement, as with the Tourism and Business Information Center in Ukmergė, was concluded with the manager of the Siesikai Castle and the Directorate of Kurtuvėnai Regional Park. Prepared exhibitions to show in Siesikai castle and the restored wooden baroque Kurtuvėnai barn. True, it will be seasonal expositions. We also have ambitious national and international plans for the future, but we will not talk about it in advance. To make them work, you need to WORK.

Oksana Judakova
Curator of the „Vilkamirgės galerijos“ 
 „Three Villages“


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