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2018 was very important for Lithuania, as it remind us that restored Lithuania has 100 years! It is important to think about all historic events which became a part of our freedom and it is important to mention music band “Antis”, which motivated young people to fight for the freedom with the music. The line from their song, which was written 30 years ago, “a lot of pigeons live in Ukmerge”, became reality. 15 sculptures of pigeons were created during the art camp in 2016. Every pigeon next to itself has metal table with the authors’ names and surnames and QR code, which you can scan and hear the songs matched to pigeons.  The main aim of this route is motivate people to grow independence feeling in their selves with the Lithuanian music and birds, which symbolize freedom. Pigeons of Ukmerge have magic powers, so if you will do special rituals while visiting it you will attract love, wisdom and luck to your life.

Instruction how to use QR codes you can find here:

1. Celebrate with fantastic Vytautas Kernagis and his song “Mūsų dienos kaip šventė”  Are you lack of creative inspiration? Pigeon, which placed next Culture Center of Ukmerge, can help you! Put your palm of the hands on the wings of the pigeon and keep it there for few seconds. Creative inspiration will come back in few days.

2. Celebrate freedom in our children with Gytis Paškevičius and his song “Mano kraštas”  If you want to keep harmony in the family, give a hug for all free pigeons at once.

3. Celebrate freedom while you are dancing with music band “Kitava” and their song “Tu Lietuva, tu mana”  If you wish for the table full of food and you want to feel happy all year, stroke the belly of the pigeon.

4. Celebrate freedom with people who protect our country and let’s play for them Leon Somov and Jazzu song “Rudens naktis sustojo” Each of us wants to be brave and strong. These three pigeons can give you this magic power. All you have to do is jump and touch one of the pigeon. The higher you will jump – the braver you will be!

5. Play freedom, brother, with singer Bjelle and her song “Broluži”  All of us are thinking about our kids. All we want them to be tall and healthy. This pigeon can help – all you need to do is let you child to stand under the sculpture of bird and jump-up for two times.

6. Celebrate with those who is coming back and the music band “Aktorių trio” and their song “Paukščiai”  Do you like to travel, but all the time you face the problems to reach you dream country? We have a solution! Stand up under this pigeon, scroll up your hands like wings and turn around three times. After this ritual you will visit your dream country within 3 years.

7. Celebrate freedom with honest and responsible people and Marijonas Mikutavičius song „Aš tikrai myliu Lietuvą“  Love, happiness and joy… We are all dreaming about it. If you want to have it in your life, lean down above the couple of the pigeons and rub off with the noses.

8. Sing freedom with Eureka Masyte and her song “Laisvė” If you want to get wisdom, put you left hand on the egg, turn to sun with your face and say these words of Lucius Annaeus Seneca: “…Wisdom allows nothing to be good that will not be so forever; no man to be happy but he that needs no other happiness than what he has within himself; no man to be great or powerful that is not master of himself.”

9. Celebrate freedom with summer voices and song ,,Vasara” by the vocal ensemble ,,Cantilena” of Ukmerge Cultural Center!  If you want to to inflate new winds into your life and get positive thoughts, you just need to close your eyes, touch this pigeon and turn around it once.

10. Let’s cry out freedom with Vytautas Kernagis and his song ,,Kaip gražu miške” If you want to gain strength, you just need to put one palm on your heart and the other –  on pigeon and keep it for a few seconds.

11. Sing freedom with the group ,,Thundertale”  and their song ,,Žemėj Lietuvos”.  If you want to gain knowledge, you just need to close up, to touch the pigeon and think in which area you would like to gain the most knowledge and your desire will come true.

12. Strengthen freedom with the group ,,Antis” and their song ,,Zombiai”! If you want to have a calm conscience, you need to have a ritual of cleansing: 2 times each arm.

13. Let's go back to childhood - ,,Atgal į pradžią" with Stasys Povilaitis and his song ,,Švieski man vėl"! Touch these pigeons - remember your most remarkable childhood memory, and climb into the corporation. Here you can play and swing - just like in childhood.


14. Let's get on with your dreams with the group ,,Foje" and their song ,,Amžinas judesys"! Paper pigeons - our dreams, desires, greatest desires ... White pigeons - symbols of peace on the planet ... Look at the sky, lift your hands and rise along with your dreams and  bring peace, good word, love, warmth in your hands.

 15. Be welcome with Violeta Cvirkaite and song  ,,Senam parke"! "Be congratulated, Prince Constantine," who will speak these words, will be acquire the physical powers that Constantine has known. Or maybe you will be lucky enough to meet a mysterious lady of those times..


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